A Quick Look at the Importance of Semiconductor Technology


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Richard Busch is the founder and chief executive officer of The Busch Group in Austin, Texas. Prior to establishing the semiconductor and management consulting firm, he spent time as vice president of power systems development at IBM, also in Austin, Texas. Under the leadership of Richard Busch, The Busch Group provides consulting services to small businesses and large technology companies around the world.

Semiconductors play a vital role in a wide array of electronic devices. A single person likely relies on the use of semiconductors many times over the course of a day. Semiconductor technology can be found in smart phones, powering the internet and all forms of communication networks, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, lights, and television sets, to name just a few examples. Semiconductors also are used in a number of more specialized instruments, from medical and diagnostic equipment to security systems.

Due to the wide range of devices that rely on semiconductor operations, there are a number of variations on the classic semiconductor design. That said, a basic semiconductor unit can be described as a network consisting of conductors, typically composed of some type of metal, and insulators, and often packaged on ceramics.

Semiconductors are not simply an important piece of equipment helping to power electronic technology. Rather, the ongoing development of semiconductors, which have largely replaced vacuum tube technology, have allowed engineers and inventors to greatly enhance the speed and reliability of electronics, while at the same time implementing smaller, more convenient designs. As semiconductor technology is further refined, the resulting advances in countless fields and industries, as well as everyday life, can be hard to calculate.

IBM Watson’s Application in Tax Preparation


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Tax Preparation
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A veteran of the semiconductor industry, Richard Busch is the founding principal of The Busch Group, a business, technical, and management consulting company based in Austin, Texas. During his previous role as vice president of power systems technology development at IBM, Richard Busch led a global 650-member professional design team that developed the IBM Power8 processor used in high-performance computing, as well as in IBM Watson.

IBM Watson pioneered a new age in computing known as cognitive computing. Through learning, experience, and sense, cognitive learning systems comprehend the world in a manner comparable to humans. From its victory on the TV quiz show Jeopardy!, Watson has gained expanded capabilities, and its power is now used in the health care, retail, education, and financial industries. In February 2017, IBM announced its collaboration with international tax services provider H&R Block, Inc., to utilize Watson for tax preparation.

Combining Watson’s leading-edge cognitive computing prowess and H&R Block’s tax expertise, millions of tax filers will now benefit from better tax outcomes for their unique tax positions. A component of the initial phase of the partnership involved IBM and H&R Block development teams training Watson in the tax language.

GF Technology Delivers First Field Programmable Controller Unit

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An Austin, Texas-based business executive who works as the founding principal of The Busch Group, Richard Busch received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University. Between 2014 and 2015, Richard Busch served as the vice president for IP strategy and product line management at GLOBALFOUNDRIES (GF), a semiconductor foundry that serves the mobility, communications, and automotive markets, among others.

In a press release, GF recently announced the results of its partnership with Silicon Mobility. The project, a 55nm Low Power Extended (LPx)-enabled platform called OLEA® T222, is regarded as the industry’s first-ever Field Programmable Controller Unit (FPCU) solution. The platform includes Silicon Storage Technology’s (SST) SuperFlash® memory technology and promises to boost the performance of electric and hybrid vehicles.

According to GF’s vice president of embedded memory David Eggleston, the combination of these technologies from several companies has resulted in a highly integrated automotive solution. Moreover, Eggleston notes that the company’s 55LPx platform is becoming the standard for the automotive market.

GlobalFoundaries – CMOS Mainstream RF Circuits

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As the founder and CEO of the Busch Group in Austin, Texas, Richard Busch has been a professional in the semiconductor industry for over 33 years. Richard Busch has been the vice president or director for a number of companies in the semiconductor industry, including vice president of IP strategy and product line management for GlobalFoundaries.

GlobalFoundaries is an international corporation that fabricates, designs, and develops semiconductors for a variety of worldwide applications. The company employs some of the leading technologists and scientists to manufacture semiconductors that can transform industries. The applications for the semiconductors unclude RF, ASIC’s, and CMOS.

The CMOS Mainstream RF Circuits are designed to provide better technology scaling and digital circuitry integration, while also reducing the cost of the device. The CMOS RF Circuits are designed for specific target applications such as RF Transceivers to provide short-range connectivity, automotive radar that uses RF/mmWave applications, and higher performance applications.